Our Strategies:

  • We invest in nonprofit immigration legal services organizations that provide high quality legal services to immigrants  and refugees in the East Bay. These organizations are highly skilled and committed to helping clients understand their legal rights and adjust their legal status when possible.

  • We provide our grantee partners with general operating or program support and technical assistance in immigration law and management training.   

  • We support collaborations between community groups and legal service providers to better serve the many communities in the East Bay and advocate for policies that support immigrant families.

Our Desired Outcomes:

  • Families have access to high quality legal services - they avoid immigration fraud, know their rights and are able to adjust their legal status when possible.

  • Immigrant families are strengthened and able to live a dignified life - they have better jobs, increase their income, connect with their children’s schools, and have a voice in their local community. They do not live in fear of deportation or separation from their families.

  • Immigration legal service providers are sustainable, with sufficient capacity to serve our communities. They also collaborate effectively together by sharing resources to increase their collective impact.

  • More eligible residents become citizens and regular voters; they engage in civic life.

  • All residents of the East Bay live in welcoming inclusive communities, sharing our cultures and building stronger neighborhoods.