Family Economic Success

Employment & Job Training


Our Strategies:

  • Hard-skills training programs following the industry sector model; i.e., programs with strong employer partnerships that train and place people with challenges to employment into self-sufficiency wage jobs in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Job placement programs that help people secure employment by providing job readiness skills, job retention skills, digital literacy, job search and resume assistance.   

  • Programs that help low-wage incumbent workers advance to higher-wage jobs.

  • English as a Second Language programs that include contextualized vocational skills and lead to employment.

  • Programs that help low-income out-of-school youth (ages 18-24 and neither working nor in school) transition to adulthood by focusing on personal development, part-time employment, skills training, high school diploma, GED and/or college entrance.

  • Organizations that address systemic employment issues by advocating for increased wages and improved access to high-quality jobs, with a focus on the East Bay.

  • Capacity building and technical assistance to the workforce development field.

Our Desired Outcomes:

  • Job placement and training programs:  low-income people increase their incomes through employment, ideally to a self-sufficient wage.  A self-sufficient wage is defined as $13/hour for a single person and $17/hour for a family (using the California Self-Sufficiency Standard as a reference).

  • English as a Second Language programs: students advance in English language skill level and increase income from employment.

  • Out of school youth programs:  young people earn a high school diploma or GED, secure part-time employment, and/or enter college or career-track training.


Grantee Spotlight

Rubicon Programs 

The name "Rubicon" refers to a decision from which there is no turning back - the beginning of the journey to change.  Rubicon Programs helps East Bay residents make that journey and transform their lives by securing employment, building financial assets, improving health and developing more positive connections in the community. Very low-income, homeless and formerly incarcerated residents can access Rubicon's comprehensive services in Richmond, Antioch, Berkeley, Oakland and Hayward.  Rubicon offers an initial 2-week job readiness workshop, one-on-one coaching, legal services, job placement, career advancement and other support services to East Bay residents. 





National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP)

The National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP) is a nationwide membership organization dedicated to promoting and increasing support for industry sector initiatives. NNSP provides training and technical assistance to organizations seeking to build or improve sector programs.


UC Berkeley Labor Center

The Center for Labor Research and Education is a public service and outreach program of the UC Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Founded in 1964, the Labor Center conducts research and education on issues related to labor and employment, and sponsors programs to educate a diverse new generation of labor leaders. 



Top image photo credit: Inner City Advisors