Step 1. Determine your Eligibility


The Y&H Soda Foundation supports organizations whose work qualifies as charitable, according to the IRS definition. This includes organizations with a 501(c)3 status, public agencies and projects sponsored by public charities.  

Additionally, the work must serve the residents of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  

We do not make grants to individuals.


Step 2. Determine your Project’s Fit with our Goals


Review our Strategic Priorities and Funding Strategies within those areas, Key Elements of a Successful Application, and a List of Previous Grants to determine whether your efforts align with our strategies and achieve our desired outcomes.


Step 3. Contact the Foundation


Please send us an email with the name of your organization, your contact information and identify which of our strategic priorities and funding strategies that you feel is aligned with your project.   

We try to respond to inquiries within 10 business days.  If you do not have a response from us after 2 weeks, please contact us by phone at (925) 631-1133.  

If we determine that your project aligns with our Strategies, then we will invite you to submit an application for funding.


Step 4. Submit a Grant Application (by invitation only)


If selected, program staff will invite you to submit a grant application.  Grant applications are submitted online through our password protected grantee portal.  

Please note that program staff perform detailed due diligence which may include but is not limited to program and financial assessment, a site visit, and follow-up meetings with key staff.

The due diligence process can take 2-3 months to conduct before bringing a funding recommendation to our Board of Directors.  Foundation staff will keep in touch with you during this process to keep you informed of the status of your request.   


Step 5. Grant Application Review and Funding Determination


Program staff will notify you if your grant request will be presented to the Board of Directors and when to expect a decision. The Board meets monthly to make final funding decisions.