In reviewing applications from prospective grantees, the Y&H Soda Foundation looks for a broad array of key elements.  These are typical characteristics that encompass most projects, though the Foundation recognizes that each project may not have every element present due to the nature of its scope of work.

East Bay Impact

Central to the mission of the Y&H Soda Foundation is a commitment to supporting the underserved in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Projects and programs must significantly impact the underserved in the East Bay.

Clear Outcomes and Accountability

The Foundation expects to find the following elements in proposed projects:

  • Strategies incorporate and reflect learning from related projects and the research base.

  • Accurate baseline data on the defined problem.

  • A statement of the anticipated impact and outcomes of the program and detail on how progress will be measured.

  • Demonstration of how East Bay residents will benefit as a result of the work.

Organizational Practices

  • Organizational processes and procedures are transparent, accountable and effective.

  • Organizations working with the richly diverse population of the East Bay value and understand different cultures, languages and needs.

  • A well-articulated work plan and budget that fits the project’s stage of development.

Committed Partners

Alleviating poverty cannot be done in isolation. We look for opportunities to value and build upon a wide range of partnerships addressing the work including:

  • Evidence of collaboration and cooperation. In these instances, projects draw on the expertise, resources and capabilities of each of the partners.  

  • Financial commitment from partners is particularly compelling.