Grantee Spotlight

Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance

Family Justice Centers are warm and welcoming one-stop centers for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking. When survivors of interpersonal violence seek help, they are often frustrated by a fractured system.  They may have to visit multiple locations and tell their stories repeatedly.  These hurdles can discourage their efforts and cause many people to simply stop seeking help.  A family justice center brings together public and private partners under one roof to provide wraparound services.  For families seeking services, coming to one location is faster, more immediately helpful, and far less expensive than traveling to multiple locations throughout the county.  Victims no longer need to tell their stories multiple times, papers are filed right away, and cases are completed more quickly, with the ultimate result that families can be safer sooner.  

The Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance has launched two new centers, one in Richmond serving West Contra Costa residents, and one in Concord, serving Central and East Contra Costa residents.  The Family Justice Center model is a Department of Justice certified best practice model that has been documented to increase safety by helping survivors recover faster and more completely from their abuse.