Grantee Spotlight

Diocese of Oakland Catholic Schools

Catholic education in the East Bay began in 1868 and continues today to provide a 21st century education that is academically excellent and affordable. Currently the Diocese of Oakland Catholic Schools serves 17,000 young people in the East Bay in 44 elementary schools and 9 high schools.

While there has been a rich heritage of Catholic education in our communities, schools in the Oakland Diocese have faced the same challenges as many other Catholic schools in the U.S. - falling enrollment, school closures, and an urgent need to supplement tuition to make the schools financially viable. This is especially true along the urban corridors of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties where median family income falls below the poverty line and families face daily challenges with employment, community safety, and legal status.

Since 2009 the Foundation has partnered with the Diocese of Oakland to strengthen and preserve this vital educational resource serving low income neighborhoods. Through investments in planning, development, marketing, capital improvements, technology, and student services, these schools have grown more vibrant and sustainable.  While many challenges remain, efforts by the Department of Schools are making a difference.  Enrollment has stabilized, schools collaborate and share resources, test scores have increased, and high school graduation rates are near 100%.

Currently the cohort of Catholic schools serving low income communities includes:

  • St. Elizabeth Elementary School, Oakland Fruitvale Neighborhood
  • St. Martin de Porres,  West Oakland
  • St. Jarlath, Oakland
  • St. Anthony, Oakland San Antonio Neighborhood
  • Our Lady of the Rosary, Union City
  • St. Paul, San Pablo
  • St. Cornelius, Richmond
  • St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland